Welcome to the Aspen Cycling Club! We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to encouraging participation in bicycling at all levels. The Club sponsors weekly Wednesday evening Mountain and Road bike races. We also work with local governments and bike shops in self-regulating the use of our local trails and roads for responsible bike usage.

The Aspen Cycling Club welcomes everyone from experienced racers to complete beginners, with two levels of competition, as well as age divisions and special races for children). Advanced/expert cyclists (A category) compete at longer distances than intermediates/beginners (Sport category). Racers in each category and age bracket compete for points in a season-long competition for championship placement, awarded at the end of the season. Bonus points can be earned by marshaling at our events, participating in volunteer trail days, and by participating in certain non-Club cycling events. More information can be found in our newsletter or on other web pages. You can register to become a member via online registration or download a hard copy of the membership registration here.

We hope you will join us for some fun—your first race is free!

2015 Aspen Cycling Club Newsletter

2015 Aspen Cycling Club Race Schedule Poster